Lucky DUC


Rhetorical Situation

  • Audience: First-year students at Emory University
  • Purpose: To build community and empower students to maximize their unlimited swipes meal plan
  • Genre: Choose your own adventure
  • Tone: Welcoming and encouraging
  • Design: Instructions sent out to students via email, students participate in person
  • Stance: Supporting the DUC and its employees
  • Context: Help Emory students get more excited about eating at the DUC, build community, and reduce food waste
  • Medium: Played entirely in-person, meal swipe count available online

Text from perspective of Emory Administration (to be sent via email):

Welcome to Emory, first-year students! We are excited to welcome you to our community and look
forward to witnessing the contributions you will make to our campus over the next four years.

As first-year students, we require you to enroll in the unlimited swipes meal plan so you don’t have to
worry about tracking how many times you’re visiting the DUC-ling each semester. This also allows you
to maximize your meal plan and visit the DUC-ling as often as you like, even if it’s just to toast a bagel!
Need a little extra incentive to eat at the DUC-ling? We have a new and exciting challenge called Lucky
DUC that will reward you for utilizing your swipes.

Lucky DUC takes place during the first week of each month. If you’re tired of always eating at the DUC-
ling, you can receive a to-go box to bring food back to your dorm after swiping in at least thirteen times
in one week! Even better, if you swipe in at least sixteen times in one week, you’ll be entered in a raffle to
win $10 Dooley dollars in addition to receiving a to-go box.

We hope that you will use this challenge to get to know the DUC-ling employees and share your gratitude
with them! Students are encouraged to use the notecards located near the entrance to write compliments
or kind words about your personal interactions with a staff member. The DUC-ling employees have the
ability to nominate up to three students (hint: they are more likely to nominate ones who have left them
compliments!) and these students will gain additional entries in the raffle to win Dooley Dollars and also
be entered to “Dine with the Chef,” in which you, two friends, and the employee who nominated you will
share a meal prepared by the DUC-ling chef exclusively for you.

However, there are students on our campus who do not have the ability to be on a meal plan due to
financial circumstances, and we want to help these students who are in need of meals. All first-year
students who do not swipe into the DUC-ling at least thirteen times a week during the week of “Lucky
DUC” will automatically be deducted two guest swipe passes. If you’re truly not using your plan, your
guest passes deserve to go to someone who needs them.

So, what are you waiting for? Increase your luck by dining at the DUC!

Analytical Text

This game is aimed at first-year students to incentivize them to eat at the DUC-ling and maximize the use
of their unlimited swipes meal plan. Even though all first-year students are required to enroll in this plan,
many do not enjoy eating at the DUC-ling and use their Dooley Dollars at other campus dining locations
or buy food independently.

“Lucky DUC” will improve the community of Emory with students being encouraged to build
relationships with the DUC-ling employees and have the opportunity to be entered into “Dine with the
Chef” monthly sweepstakes to share a meal with two of his or her friends and the employee who
nominated them. The instructions of this game is sent to all first-year students via email and their student
ID is linked to how often they swipe into the DUC-ling, so they are able to check the number anytime on
the Emory Card website.

With students swiping into the DUC-ling at least thirteen times a week, they are given a to-go box to
bring food back to their dorm. If a student swipes in at least sixteen times a week, he or she will be
entered into a raffle to win $10 Dooley Dollars in addition to receiving a to-go box. Employees are given
the ability to nominate up to three students a month to “Dine with the Chef,” and students are also
encouraged to leave compliments for the employees on the notecards near the entrance of the DUC-ling.

This game also strives to improve sustainability efforts on campus. By students eating more of their meals
at the DUC-ling and using their meal plan, the DUC-ling will be producing a more accurate amount of
food and wasting less If a student does not swipe into the DUC-ling at least thirteen times during the
week of “Lucky DUC,” he or she will automatically have two guest meal passes deducted from his or her
account. These will be given to students who are not on a meal plan (or have a limited amount of swipes)
and are in need of food.