Empathy Game

Due 4/22 (with 10-min class presentation that day)

Create a Kickstarter campaign for the game your group has created, in which you explain the problem that you have identified and the strategies your game will employ to alleviate that problem.


You should either:

  • (1) create a WordPress site for your Kickstarter campaign and publish all of your work to it; or
  • (2) create a folder in Google Drive where you will house all of the materials for your Kickstarter campaign and share that folder with me, so that I can publish it to a page on this course site.

Your Kickstarter proposal should include a detailed explanation of the problem you are addressing and explain why your game will make the world a better place by addressing that problem in some way (even if, in this case, “world” means “the world inhabited by first-year students at Emory”).


Your Kickstarter needs to include visual elements, at least some images — though you are free to also include video, GIFs, or other visual elements. If your proposal will ultimately live on the course website, you should include a feature image that is 2500 x 625 pixels. (If necessary, you can add white space around an image to bring it to that size — talk to me if you have questions about that.)

Google Folder

If your proposal is going to live on the course site, make certain that in your folder you have a document that shows how you want everything laid out with all the text and images you want it to include. You should also upload any images included in that document as separate files (probably JPG files) in the folder. (It’s not always easy to download a file embedded in a Google or Word doc.) Share the entire folder with me.

Reflection Assignment

Once you’re done, each student in the group should publish a reflection post.

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