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The Kid Discusses Dooley Rider: A Community Solution to Time Wasting

Our group designed a kickstarter for an app called Dooley Rider which is a game that helps Emory Freshmen to overcome their troubles with wasting time on their phones and becoming more productive. Here is the link to our website if you want to see what our app is about: Here I will talk … Continue reading The Kid Discusses Dooley Rider: A Community Solution to Time Wasting

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This is me, my avatar! I am The kid because ever since I was little, my dad would always call me “The Kid”. Even till this day he still calls me The Kid and being able to use this name in a class makes me very excited. He started calling me The Kid because when I used to BMX race, the announcer always came up with nicknames for different kids. For some reason, he called me The Kid and ever since then it has sticked with me. This photo is of me in Japan in front of a pink Lamborghini. In Japan, it is very popular to have yourself animated for your profile pictures, so my parents made me one for my birthday.

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