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Tracking my number

I definitely did not track my emotions effectively. I spent the first half of the week doing my reflection at the end of the day and trying to recall the events. I think this made me conflate a lot of events and over generalize. However, I couldn’t come up with an effective solution that I […]

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Jason’s Fiasco

Our story was set in the Boomtown. My character was a local tavern and lodge owner who was active in the church community. As with all of the characters, I had a complex backstory and nefarious motives driving all of my moves. On my left was Alex, whose wife I stole and her affection was […]

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Jason plays Gone Home

I’m writing this a few minutes after exploring the foyer. I’m assuming that getting through the front door was the introduction. It set up the game play mechanics and the general backstory. I just got back from a year abroad and there’s something up with Sam. I find this game very unfamiliar to me. It’s […]

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Jason’s Bag

I try to pack lightly, bringing with me what I know I’ll need and not much more. I’m on the track team and I usually don’t have time to go back and forth to my room during the day, so I try to bring everything I need for school and practice with me. For track, […]

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My avatar is an anachronistic play on the Star Trek captain’s uniform. My avatar is Captain Kirk from the original series. When I was little, my dad would watch this show with me all the time because it’s what he grew up with when he was my age. I loved the series and when I […]

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