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Kickstarter Proposal Reflection

The idea of creating a game that helps other international students originated from our own experiences. As three international students with different experiences in studying abroad, Cleo, Jina, and I thought that the best way to help incoming international students, especially the ones who haven’t studied abroad before, is to create a game that combines […]

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Mario’s Graduation

Welcome to the archive of the work I did for my English 101 class with Professor David Morgen. Today, I wish to summarise my writing experiences. Initially, when I was going through the General Educational Requirements before coming to college, I was extremely anxious about taking an English 101 class as English has always seemed…

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When Professor X told us to design a game proposal that would defeat the “bad guys” at Emory, we had many ideas but did not have a clear direction to start the project. However, we as a group soon realize that we have one thing in common: an international student. Each member was from a […]

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Reflection Letter

The writing process has always been depicted as standardized, audience-orientated, and quantifiable during my English learning. Writing fell apart from me, becoming a designated process to meet certain requirement passively. However, being led through the ENG101 “Play Make Write Think” class by Instructor Morgen, I started to feel the intrinsic eagerness of producing writing as…

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