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Reflecting on Discover Dooley

For the Discover Dooley kickstarter proposal, I worked on developing and describing the details of the game. I wrote out exactly how the game would be played and how the mechanics of the game would work. This was not too difficult, for I have played many different games and have worked on designing apps before. […]

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My KickStarter Proposal: Dobb’s Playhouse

I’m not gonna lie, trying to come up with a game proposal that was centered around a problem Emory University freshman face, was pretty difficult, but, eventually, we came across the basics of “Dobb’s Playhouse” and began building up and perfecting the concept of our game. The purpose of “Dobb’s Playhouse” is to get freshman […]

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Reflection of Illimat Podcast

Illimat was definitely a tricky game to wrap my head around. There were so many different components and aspects of the game that I have never really encountered before in my many years of gaming. At first, it was hard to talk about anything other than how confusing and irritating the game was, but after […]

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