2 Extra Credit Opportunities

#1: One of your classmates had an emergency come up during Fiasco gameplay and couldn’t meet with his group to play Fiasco. He needs 2-4 other people to play a game of Fiasco with him in order to complete that project. If you agree to find a couple of hours to play Fiasco with him, I will offer you extra credit.

#2: Janey Murray, one of the preeminent scholars of games and digital media studies, will be on campus on Friday, March 29 from noon to 2pm in White Hall 111 to give a talk entitled “Are Game Bad for Stories? Seeing Interactive Narrative as Its Own Genre.” Murray is the Dean for Research at Georgia Tech and has published one of the foundational texts about interactive media, Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace. The talk will likely connect directly with themes we’ve been discussing this semester.

I’ll offer extra credit to any of you who attend Murray’s talk and then write up a post afterwards reflecting on what you learned at the event.

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