Week Ahead: 8

8 3/4 No class: Play Fiasco Fiasco
3/6 Discuss Fiasco Sidequest 4: Fiasco reflection
3/8 Podcast episodes 6 & 7
3/11 No class: Spring break
3/13 No class: Spring break
9 3/18 Finish Superbetter

It sounds like a number of groups are not playing at the times you signed up for so hopefully you’re all finding alternate times that work with your group. Please make sure you’ve played before class on Wednesday so we can discuss the games and the insights you gather from it. If possible, I’d like you to publish your Fiasco reflections before class on Wednesday, but if you don’t play until Tuesday and need a little more time, just make sure they are up by sometime Wednesday night.

I’d like for you to just finish Superbetter over the next two weeks. It’s a fair number of pages but reads fast — and with no class on Monday and no other assignment besides playing Fiasco through to then, it seems a reasonable amount of reading to complete. But you should probably start reading this week, rather than waiting until spring break to tackle it.

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