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Due: 3/27

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In Superbetter, Jane McGonigal describes a quest to determine your positive emotion ratio (Quest 19, pages 166-7). For one week, keep track throughout your day of the positive and negative emotions she lists in that quest. (You can use a spreadsheet on your phone/computer or a paper and pen method or some sort of tracking app or whatever method seems easiest and most effective for you.)

Score each emotion on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being an exceedingly strong burst of the emotion.

At the end of each day, add up all the points for your positive emotions (PE) and all the points for your negative emotions (NE). Then divide PE by your NE to get your positive emotion ratio.

You won’t need to report at the end of the week each specific emotion you felt, or how strongly, but I would like you to report at the end of the week the PE, NE, and ratio score for each individual day.

Also, create a visualization for the week’s worth of scores. There are numerous methods you can use to create your visualization — anything from paper and crayons/markers/pencils to sophisticated data visualization software like Tableau. MS Excel also has some pretty sophisticated charts that you can create from your data. And there are also lots of free online tools that you can use too.


Publish your data and visualization as a post to your site. Include a paragraph or two reflecting on the data you collected and on the process you used to collect that data. What conclusions you have drawn from this sidequest? What sorts of judgement calls did you face while gathering the data? Why did you choose to visualize your data in the manner that you did? What do these visualizations say about your life? If you were to continue this project into the future, would you go about it in pretty much the way you have done this week or would you do things differently now that you have looked at the data to this point? Have you found this to be a valuable tool for self analysis?

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